Friday, June 18, 2010


Summer days riding shotgun with Nietzsche raining occasionally and cracking thunder – aka a cold as hell week for June and my Life’s Goals seem now a grocery list and I don’t give a fuck where the store is.

Wanting instead something carefree and new, something without limits and without conscience like my beloved desert. Something that has a meaning that is not tangible and at the same time will give purpose, meaning and guidance without handing over anything. What anyone wants, where we look in books and parties and travel and running mad through a forest façade trees.

Where the hell and when anyone will encounter meaning is probably the greatest blessing I can count – because with no journey the ends are meaningless…

*Suppose you pull into a 7-11 to get something to drink. On the way out after you make your purchase, you get to the car you parked next to the 4 foot stone wall that separates the 7-11 parking lot from the next door business. Blowing in the papers and leaves on the other side is a 5 dollar bill. What would you do?

What I did: Sat the Gatorade on the hood of the car, and placed my right palm on the wall. I gauged the height (poorly) and swung my leg to hop the wall for the 5 dollar bill. There was the uncomfortable thud of my boot not clearing the wall while I was mid air, my hand coming loose, and all limbs flying for something more stable – and in my intoxicated gymnast move over the wall, my only thought was “Shit, this is going to be on YouTube…” After I made quite the entrance to the neighboring business parking lot, I claimed my monetary prize, and scaled the wall once again (this time with more grace). I tried not to look to see who was there, and quickly sped off in my car.


$teve said...

I feel ya playa. I'm kinda in the same boat as far as looking for a purpose. In the meantime though, you just gotta be you. Play on playa :)

Brett said...

I just saw THE FUNNIEST God Damn video on YouTube!